Studio recording of soundscape architecture Private Music (1 disc)


Spirals of sound vibrating in harmony with your own private space by Eduardo Marturet. Composed on New Year’s Day, specially dedicated to my dear friend Zaha Hadid.

10% of the sales will be donated to the Zaha Hadid Foundation

Art by Zaha Hadid & Design by Gabriel Liberatori

Album performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Eduardo Marturet at PRIVATE MUSIC Studios, Key Biscayne FL, January 2015.

© 2015 Eduardo Marturet (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved

I had my first experience in meditation while I was a student in Cambridge, UK. It was so powerful that it changed my whole conception of music, from its creation to finding new ways of listening and being exposed to the experience and perception of sound. Sound on its own, away from the aesthetic concept. An equally important influence in my music is the use of the Golden Ratio (Fibonacci sequence) as the basis for the organic structure of my work. Soon I discovered the powerful effect of the spiral proportion on the brain and its ability to induce alpha waves, which we know as the blissful state of meditation. The concept of Soundscape Architecture was developed as a meditation on sound vibrating in harmony with its own space, and PRIVATE MUSIC was born with the desire of making a composition as unavailable as a work of art can be when is owned by a single person.

Zaha's Place Reviews

“Returning to the fountain; that’s how I would describe and define this wonderful masterpiece created by Maestro Eduardo Marturet.  It’s made me find a side of me that I had totally forgotten…Peace!  Bravo Maestro!” – Rudy Perez (Multi Award Winning Producer, Songwriter & President / Founder of the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame)

“‘@ Zaha’s place’ a composition put together by Eduardo Marturet, transported my awareness to a level I have never experienced before.  I was paintings an abstract for an exhibition when my husband put the music on. My feelings arose like waves each dancing to its own strength; reaching various heights but all returning to my heart in a rhythm perfectly balanced and marvellously beautiful.”

“‘@ Zaha’s Place’ is a precious gift. It carries the strength to mend a broken heart.  It knows how to bring the body and soul in harmony.But it does more than that.  It connects the outer world with the inner world and paves way for us to experience the true nature of our being ‘Joy'”
 – Heather Welsh (Visual Artist)